Pharmacology Review

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APC Final Frontier

What's Included?

Live & Recorded

Live Zoom class held 7/23 at 8:30AM Sydney time.

Video recording will be posted the following day, right on the APC Final Frontier course page!

- FREE for all APC FF LIVE class students
- 50% discount for all APC Study Bundle Students
- For non- Final Frontier students:
- $49 AUD

- Content focused on covering all important drugs for your APC Written Exam
- Clinical approach to teaching to help you think like a clinician
- Solve multiple practice questions in class to apply the concepts learned
- Live doubt solving session

Live Sessions

You will meet live and online with APCFF Co-Founder and Lead Instructor, Dr. Vrunda Kapadia and Guest Instructor Dr. Priyam Sanghvi.

Session Length & Topics

This class will be ~2-hours in length.

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