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APC Final Frontier

What's Included?

Live & Recorded

Live Zoom class held 8/13 at 8:30AM Sydney time.

Video recording will be posted the following day, right on the APC Final Frontier course page!

- FREE for all APC FF LIVE class students
- 50% discount for all APC Study Bundle Students
- For non- Final Frontier students:
- $179 for the Mega Review
- $229 for Mega Review class + Exam
(Saving of $100 on the APC style practice exam)

- All important content for the APC Written exam exam based on the APC blueprint
- Study strategies to prep for the exam
- Additional tips, tricks and mnemonics shared by the APC Final Frontier team
- Multiple case studies and practice questions during the session
- Doubt solving session with the instructors of APC Final Frontier

This is the FINAL PUSH you need to pass the written exam! We believe in you.


Live Sessions

You will meet live and online with APCFF Co-Founder and Lead Instructor, Dr. Vrunda Kapadia.

Session Length & Topics

This class will be ~5-hours in length.

Complete APC review!

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